Looking for historical references to the Derbes and Puerto Madryn

Hola, My name is Elisa and I am trying to get some information about the Derbes and Puerto Madryn. My father has mentioned that we had family in the old days that lived in Patagonia and that it was around the Puerto Madryn area but nothing more has been mentioned.

If anyone can give me some idea or know something about this Derbes man I would appreciate it greatly!! Also if there are any "decendientes" that I could connect with I would also be very thankful. I live in the USA, but I am planning a trip to Argentina in the near future.



Looking for historical references to Derbes and Puerto Madryn

Hello, Elisa. My name is Ricardo Derbes, and I'm pretty sure you are Edgardo's daughter, isn't it? I'm Walter's son, so I think me are cousins, and we know us, ja... Well, me too I'm trying to find some information about Pedro Derbes, who, according to stories of my family (and now I see your father believes the same), is our ancestor. So far (I started a few days ago) I have not been able to find nothing. I'm living in the Patagonia, in Bariloche. I'd like to hear about you and see you when you come to Argentina, my email is rmd@bariloche.com.ar. (Sorry about my english, it may not be very clear...) Bye

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